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I recently attended a concert entitled Masterpieces of the Guitar. The concert was performed by a solo artist named Robert Wetzel. The concert was presented by The Grossmont Guitar Guild, it was held at the Cuyamaca College of Performing Arts on October 29, 2012. This report will detail my experience and give an accurate, unbiased review of “Masterpieces of the Guitar.”
Before the performance began I had the opportunity to sample the program and read through it thoroughly. The most important thing I learned from the program was information about the artist performing. I also learned about some of the music being performed.
Pertaining to the artist performing his solo act, Robert Wetzel, he has a rich history in music. According to the
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He certainly presented himself as a knowledgeable and well versed guitarist. As a solo act, he had no composer to direct him and keep time. These are things solo-artists usually must do on their own. Wetzel did a good job with this. He kept time well and rhythm well. Had he not, it would have been very noticeable, and it was something I was looking out for.
No words were spoken in the performance. It was an act purely of guitar and sound, not of spoken words or for that matter words at all. This makes it more difficult to engage the audience, given the circumstances; I believe Wetzel still did a good job. Perhaps a little singing may have lightened the mood a little and made the whole performance more worthwhile.
Wetzel, while performing did a good job keeping tempo (as mentioned above). Important to this fact, was his movements. He hunched over his guitar to play, arching his back, back and forth to match the melody and sounds coming out of his guitar. It was almost as if he was moving with the music. His movements were seemingly perfect and flowed well with his composition.
As for the music itself, none of the music was composed by Wetzel himself. Instead it was composed by the following artists: Milan, Narvaez, Frescobaldi, Scarlatti,, Bach, Schumann, Debussy, Satie, Ravel, Moreno-Torroba, Tansman and Presti. It was all classical in origin. The music dated from between the

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