Essay on Concert Critique of Coldplay Mylo Xyloto Tour

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Concert Critique—Coldplay Live in Boston 2012

1. Coldplay, arguably one of the most popular alternative rock bands in the last decade, is in the midst of its Mylo Xyloto tour. The band members are the lead singer and keyboardist Chris Martin, the lead guitarist Jonny Buckland, the bassist Guy Berryman, and the drummer Will Champion. They start with the intro to Back to the Future playing at a sold-out TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. Clearly, I chose the right concert for several reasons: * I have come to enjoy Coldplay’s music over the last 10 years * I have never witnessed a live Coldplay concert, much less any of the group’s concerts * Chris Martin’s keyboarding skills inspire me, as a pianist * I
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One song I have always enjoyed was “Clocks”, and the live version also did not disappoint. It begins with Chris Martin on piano playing descending eighth notes. He then is accompanied by the rest of the group as they play the same rhythm that he begins with. The chorus of “You…..are” is very strong and addicting. Although it only consists of two words, I find myself like the crowd, singing along with every word.

4. When artists state that certain concerts will be the “best concert we’ve ever played,” there is always a bit of skepticism. But in the case of Coldplay’s concert in Boston, when Chris Martin stated this at the beginning of the concert, the band clearly delivered. Chris Martin is a fantastic composer and his band mates visibly match him to a tee. The musicians are in complete sync, most notably during the song “Lovers in Japan”, where the guitars play perfectly in harmony with the piano, and the drums keep the rhythm going. The crowd was completely involved from start to finish, none more so then during the song “Paradise”; the crowd sang the chorus while Martin sang along. During “Princess Of China”, all the band members were standing together in the center of the stage, even Will Champion, the drummer. It was a very cool mix of alternative rock and oriental-style traditional music that made use of many synthesizers and strings. 5. There was an interesting moment during “A Warning

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