Essay about Conceptual Models For Integrated Marketing Communication

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Conceptual models for integrated marketing communication have been developed to measure the effectiveness. One such model represents integrated online marketing communication that consists of management, online communication, corporate values, strategies, customisation, and gathering the feedback and analysis of information systems. In a way, managing and using integrated marketing communication is a cycle that is used to obtain feedback and use it to improve (Gurău, 179). Another conceptual model developed by experts that suggest that the performance of integrated marketing communication is a chain and how it is similar to the “brand value chain concept”. Furthermore, it consists of an integrated marketing communication capability that leads to campaign success and brand market performance, which all results in the brand economic performance (Luxton, 39). Reinold (2012) developed a model that goes into more detail to determine the effectiveness. For instance, analysis of brands and target group splits into media and content dimension, which considers both qualitative and quantitative effectiveness in its appropriate categories. Additionally, it calculates the effectiveness, views the integrated marketing communication status, and then extracts the managerial implications. Therefore, these models will help the firm’s overall performance (120). Public relations are a substantial part of integrated marketing communications. According to Reinold (2012), integrated marketing…

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