Conceptual Analysis Of Viora

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Even though the importance of knowing what the customer feels and thinks about its products is certainly recognised by Viora, I can also conclude that there is not an active strategy on how to obtain such information. Hence, Viora does not currently have a constructive way to understand and analyse information coming directly from customers (Trofimuk, 2015).
In order to understand correctly what information is important to obtain and act upon, I think it is vital to explain how a typical sales process takes place at Viora. I have had several meetings with the company’s General Manager, Customer Support Manager and Financial Manager, respectively Andrea Trofimuk, Gil Shapir and Shachar Meir. These meetings were very helpful in helping me understand the ongoing business processes and sales process.
As mentioned before, Viora’s head office in Israel is responsible for the manufacturing and R&D of all products and machines that are being sold. Therefore, the focus of my project will not focus on the technical or R&D area. The actual selling and related activities are taken care of by the US head office in Jersey City, and
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By examining company documents and during interviews with the managers, it became clear there have been some previous efforts in gathering information from customers. In 2013, a survey was constructed consisting of sixteen questions that were aimed to customers as well as non-customers of Viora. When carefully examined, the ways the questions are built as well as the degree of information that could be obtained from the questions is not insightful. Furthermore, this survey did not receive sufficient response to be valid and thus conclusions cannot be drawn from

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