Concept Of Organizational Goals And Objectives Essay

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Concept of Organizational Goals

Organizational goals are the outcomes received due to its operation and which is determined by present direction. These objectives are categorized into two. The first is the level wise goal which includes the top, middle, and bottom. Goals are carried from the top of the pyramid and filtered down. Four goals are realized basing this classification;

Mission goals; the organization must have a vision of what they aspire in the future. They create visualized statements of the main reason of the work thinking carefully about the focus, inspiration, image, and philosophy of the organization. The members commit and desire to fulfill the goal.

Strategic goals; They define overall organization goals giving account of different aspects of business like profit making, development of a product and human resources, placement of resources, prioritizing the research and so on. High management and board of directors set these goals while the executive management determines those seeking inputs from highly skilled staffs and middle managers thus outlining its real purpose. They consider both possible opportunities to be achieved and the environmental weaknesses.

Tactical or intermediate goals; they are made to transform written or discussed strategic goals into action. These goals include a short time span, real focus, and more specific. They comprise managers of the middle class.

Operational goals; they come along with the tactical goals following…

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