Concept Of One For One Marketing Essays

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In this assignment we will discuss the concept of one to one marketing. We will investigate the steps a business needs to take to engage its customers with one to one marketing.
What is One-to-One Marketing?
According to Tanner, J., & Raymond, M. (2010, February 1) the concept of One-to-One was proposed by Don Peppers and Martha Rogers in their book called- The One to One Future. The book discusses what the world would be like after Mass Marketing ended.
One to One marketing simply put is a strategy that relies on getting to know the individual choices made by a customer, and then tailoring marketing outreach to each customer differently based on those choices, One-to-One Marketing | What is One-to-One Marketing? (n.d.). It is about getting to know a customer’s likes and dislikes in order to enhance transaction frequency and build customer loyalty.
Which technology can be used to assist us to get to know our customers?
According to Arthur, L. (2011, September 14), Intelligent (One to One) 1:1 Marketing = Mobile Devices + Triggers + Social Media + Point of Sale Data, but what does that mean for business? In real terms it means using the available technology to create and access various customer data points for example customer spending habits, preferences, location, point of sale information, social media likes and dislikes for example who they follow and what posts they like on Facebook. This information could be gathered through loyalty card systems, in store and online…

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