Concept Mapping As A Teaching Strategy Essay

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Concept Mapping as a Teaching Strategy
Angela L. Dobbie
Eastern Michigan University Concept Mapping as a Teaching Strategy Nurse educators are challenged with the task of not only providing basic information to their students, but they are also designated the responsibility of teaching their students to critically think. All while being aware of different learning styles and installing self-confidence in their students. Gone are the days of simply lecturing to a group of students and expecting them to absorb all of our wisdom. As instructors, we are now encouraged to develop creative and engaging ways to involve our students in their own education. Goals of including students actively in their learning include better comprehension and retention of material, increased ability to think critically, and improved student satisfaction of the educational process. A multitude of creative teaching strategies has been developed to engage students in active learning and to accommodate various learning styles. One of the strategies that worked for me as an undergrad and continues to work for me today is concept mapping. As an undergrad, I used concept mapping to understand pathology. I then used that knowledge to clarify my patient’s symptoms and formulate a treatment plan. Concept mapping is a teaching method that allows instructors to present material visually. For the students, it allows them to organize a large amount of information and take an active part in their…

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