Concentration Camps Research Paper

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December 22nd, 2016
Life In a Concentration Camp
The origins of concentration camps began in the early 18th centuries during the Bar Confederation rebellion in Poland. The Russian Empire established three concentration camps to temporarily hold captured Polish rebels who would eventually be transferred to Siberia. Other examples of concentration camps were the ones used during the Boer Wars in South Africa at the turn of the twentieth century.One last example is the ones established in Cuba by the Spanish in the late nineteenth century and the Soviet Gulag prison camps of the twentieth century. Finally, concentration camps came in different shapes and sizes, and they began to expand in Germany later
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Many people would die on the road before even getting to the concentration camps. The reason behind that, is that everyone would be squished or compacted together in the trains that brought them to the camps. “Once they arrived at the camp 's, inmates were faced with the choice of working for food or starving to death. Many were eventually worked to death. Incoming prisoners who were unable to work were routinely killed.” (Concentration camps, 2016). By the time they get off the trains, they are inspected to see if they are able to work,or do labor. Speaking about the conditions and locations of the camps, “They were spread out throughout Germany and had many locations, some of which were death camps or extermination camps.” The death camps or extermination camps were prisons where extermination was more common. Labor wasn’t necessary to do because the main intentions for death camps is to execute and kill. Some of the most well known camps did the most horrific things to the prisoners …show more content…
Leading to that, they expanded into the modern era during the times when Hitler was under command of Germany during WW2, and their purposes or uses during the Holocaust, was to punish/torture the prisoners there by using cruel and horrific methods to either execute them or by killing them during human experimentations. Not only were gas chambers and crematoriums used, but even human experimentation took place at numerous camps such as the mentioned camp of Dachau. A more well known camp would be the infamous Auschwitz camp which was the main camp that focused on execution rather than labor like the others. Prisoners would die on the ways to the camps before even getting there because of the compacted cars or trains that took them to the far away camps. The Holocaust and concentration camps that took place during WW2, will always be remembered as one of the most cruel and horrific periods of not only human imprisonment , but human elimination under the use of meticulous and cruel

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