Concentration Camps During The Holocaust Essay

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When the topic of the Holocaust is brought up, you automatically think of the concentration camps. Concentration camps were made to keep people who were against Hitler and “different” away. “Different” people meaning Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, and criminals. The first camps were established in Germany as soon as Hitler’s appointment as Chancellor on January 1933. Concentration camps were being established all over Germany, and later all over Europe. There were a total of approximately 20,000 camps, including concentration, transit, forced labour, and death camps. SS officers were in charge of the camps, they were camp inspectors. About 6 million people were killed during the war. These people would either be worked to death or killed. They were forced out of their homes and move to a camp where they were being tortured or put to work. These people had to stay in the camps for about six years. That to me seems very unfair to them, they were just living their normal lives and then one day they were forced out of their own homes. Six years of their lives were wasted just because some dictator decided that he doesn’t like those type of people. Nothing good ever happened in the concentration camps. The concentration camps were mostly made up of Jews. To Hitler, he thought the Jews were an inferior race, an alien threat to German racial purity and community. So he wanted the race to become distinct. When he invaded Poland, he started setting up camps to keep the Polish Jews.…

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