Concealed Weapon And The Gun Control Laws Essay

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The right in which a person has to carry a concealed weapon has come to decreasing crime. Throughout multiple surveys and studies a lot of promising facts based upon the facts of a person carrying a concealed weapon have been proven to being true. Some fact that could help to prove the past statement could be shown by the statement that there have been: “1600 fewer murders, 4200 fewer rapes and 60000 fewer severe assaults” alone in the state of Pennsylvania (Reynolds and Burnett 30). So in turn based merely upon these facts it has been proven that allowing a citizen to carry a concealed weapon has come to being a positive attribute to society. Ms. Collins herself stated, “If she had been carrying her licensed gun, she would have averted the attack” (Schwarz 2). Furthermore, truly based upon this fact comes to show how defenseless a citizen is in the sense of not being allowed to carry the concealed weapon. Therefore, when it comes down to the idea of the gun control laws a lot of problem begins to be aroused. One of these problems is that “with these gun control laws, those who are intent on harming others are the least likely to actually obey them” (Lott Jr 27). This statement has come to prove how pointless these laws have come to be because, what is the point in enforcing them if the ones you are looking to punish are the least likely to actually follow them? Now how one is to defend themselves is their choice. Based upon the facts stated in the past paragraph if a person…

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