Concealed Weapons On Campus Essay

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For colleges, adding concealed weapons onto a campus can prove deadly for both students and staff alike, while offering little to no advantage. With such a high rate of alcohol and drug abuse among students, and an even higher rate of alcohol related violence on campuses it leaves little confidence in students ability to handle the responsibility of a handgun. There is also no evidence that supports that campus shooters would be deterred by a heavier presence of guns on a campus. Finally, individuals who have a license to carry are not necessarily proficient with their weapon and almost always have no training on how to handle a dangerous situation. Therefore, allowing concealed weapons on a college campus would be a grave mistake with deadly consequences.
College’s should not allow students to carry concealed firearms because the presence of deadly weapons only increased the likelihood that there is an incident of violence. On nearly
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With the high incidence of alcohol and drug abuse by college students it would be dangerous to allow them weapons. Especially with 90% incidents of violence on campuses involving alcohol. There is also no conclusive evidence that the presence of handguns on a campus would in any way deter a campus shooter. In fact such an environment might appeal to this type of personality due to the potential volatilities that the conditions provide. Civilians and licensed to carry individuals do not possess the training to safely deal with an armed campus shooter. With more weapons added to this type of situation the likelihood of accidental police shooting of innocent but armed students would escalate. When making such a life and death decision such as whether students should be allowed to carry concealed firearms on campus it is crucial that these decisions are made using knowledge and not reacting to

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