Concealed And Carry On Campuses Essay

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Conceal and Carry on Campuses The big question is, Should schools and college campuses allow faculty, teachers and student to carry guns in schools. Many people say that allowing students on campus with guns will make the problem worse, but by allowing them to, parents teaching them responsibility. Most parents think that horrible things are going to happen, but teaching children gun safety when they are little helps them understand how dangerous they are. Teaching children early on helps accidents from happening earlier, showing them that it is a dangerous thing keeps them from pointing it at anyone. People believe that putting a gun in a child 's hands is not the way to go. That more accidents happen if there is a loaded gun in the house that has children in it.
People that are set on breaking the law are not going to stop just because there is a gun-free sign up. Having gun-free schools just puts those kids in danger, “ In fact, in many cases, it seems to attract them, as they can feel comforted knowing that they will be able to wreak their havoc upon a large number of helpless victims unable to fight back” (“Making Campuses Gun-free”). People who do this, attack schools because they know the students and faculty are helpless people who don’t have an effective to defend themselves.
Many school shootings can be prevented by allowing guns on campus; allowing guns gives the faculty and students a way to fight back, that will do something. Giving these kids a way to fight,…

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