Essay on Computing Trends - Networking Proposal for Rubha Reidh

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Networking Proposal for Rubha Reidh

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Abstract 3 Introduction 5 Overview of Satellite Link Technology 7 Overview of Fibre Optics Link Technology 9 Choice of Satellite over Fibre Internet Connection 10 Wireless Networking Design 12 Mesh Network Backbone 13 802.11 Access Points 15 Intranet Services 16 Challenges 16 Proposed System Design 17 Phase I: Bed and breakfast building to include the private rooms, common area and lounge 17 Phase II: Extending to cover the lighthouse and associated surrounding area 18 Budget 18 Phase I Deployment 18 Phase II Deployment 19 References 21

The aim of the Rubha Reidh internet project is to construct a robust computer network to encompass the
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The facility’s remote location has additionally hindered efforts to create such an infrastructure, although accommodation services continue to be accessible on an ordered schedule. It should be noted that computer use is prevalent across the world, with many guests making use of private computing devices such as laptops and smartphones with internet connectivity. However, without a reliable internet connection at the facility, their significance is severely restricted. It is also factual that Internet usage is extensive among the lighthouse residents, especially the guests as would be expected with holidaymakers, even though there is no dependable Internet connectivity in the premises. Rather, those who seek to access the internet must travel long distances to do so (Sithamparanathan et al., 2010, pp. 204-205).
This project intends to address the pronounced need for a high speed and reliable internet and network connectivity in the lighthouse area. Given the remote location, the only opportunity for providing Internet connectivity would be a satellite uplink. The use of a land-based fibre connections to the Internet would be hard to justify owing to the exorbitant associated costs of laying down the fibre connection between Rubha Reidh and the nearest access point that is more than 20 kilometres away. Instead of developing a conventionally wired LAN, a wireless mesh networking will be used to extent the whole

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