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Oracle9i: Program with PL/SQL
Instructor Guide • Volume 2

40054GC11 Production 1.1 October 2001 D34008

Nagavalli Pataballa Priya Nathan

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Sheryl Domingue

Curriculum Map I Introduction Course Objectives I-2 About PL/SQL I-3 PL/SQL Environment I-4 Benefits of PL/SQL I-5 Benefits of Subprograms I-10 Invoking Stored Procedures and Functions I-11 Summary I-12 Declaring Variables Objectives 1-2 PL/SQL Block Structure 1-3 Executing Statements and PL/SQL Blocks 1-4 Block Types 1-5 Program Constructs 1-6 Use of Variables 1-7 Handling Variables in PL/SQL 1-8 Types of Variables 1-9 Using iSQL*Plus Variables Within PL/SQL Blocks 1-10 Types of Variables 1-11 Declaring PL/SQL Variables 1-12 Guidelines for Declaring PL/SQL Variables 1-13 Naming Rules 1-14 Variable Initialization and Keywords 1-15 Scalar Data Types 1-17 Base Scalar Data Types 1-18 Scalar Variable Declarations 1-22 The %TYPE Attribute 1-23 Declaring Variables with the %TYPE Attribute 1-24 Declaring Boolean Variables 1-25 Composite Data Types 1-26 LOB Data Type Variables 1-27 Bind Variables 1-28 Using Bind Variables 1-30 Referencing Non-PL/SQL Variables 1-31 DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE 1-32 Summary 1-33 Practice 1 Overview 1-35




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