Computers Have A Great Influence On The World Of Today Essay

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How are you? Hope you’re doing well and you are in good health. It has been brought to my attention by Cousin Michael that you fail to see the importance of computers and getting on the internet. I hope I can change your perspective on this matter and show you want you are missing out. Computers have a great influence in the world of today. Its invention has made life easier to live through.
Computers and the Internet have played a big role in people lives, especially the Internet. They act hand in hand to provide us with services that benefit us in our everyday lives. The internet is basically a search engine where everything and anything can be found just by searching. Also, without computers, the internet wouldn’t have been discovered and been able to be used. They both play a role in the development of technology.
People use the internet for many various things which actually benefits us. The Internet can be used in terms of communication, for example, sending email to the family members. How long does it take to deliver a letter from the post office? It may take 2-3 business days just to be delivered, whereas, the use of sending an email has become faster through the internet and can be delivered within minutes. The advantage of this process is that takes less time to be delivered and it is cheaper.
The internet can also contain social networking sites which could also be used to share photos, videos, and files to other people, for example, Facebook and Skype. Facebook…

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