Computers Are The Superior Technological Feat Essay

971 Words Oct 18th, 2016 4 Pages
PC owners and supporters are aware and display the fact that their computers are more flexible and are able to complete various tasks. PC computers are portrayed to be nearly as impenetrable as Mac computers when it comes to viruses and malware. Moreover, they are on the cheaper side of the computer spectrum and that is a humongous lure for customers looking to purchase a computer. However, these claims are not always factual as they are perceived. Although Macs are becoming vulnerable to malware occurrences as well, they are still such a minute portion of the computer world that the numbers are incomparable. Also, while it is true that the upfront price of PC computers is usually cheaper, their resale and trade-in values plummet soon after the purchase, and are virtually worthless a few years down the road. While it’s true that PC computers are able to complete a high variety of tasks, they are not the only computers that can perform flexibly. The truth is that Mac computers are the superior technological feat, and the unsurpassed buy. Compatibility is an important factor when choosing between purchasing a Mac or a PC, and the clear choice is Mac. While PC runs Windows beautifully, Macs can run Windows viably and their own OS X, which makes them desirable to purchase since the user isn’t limited to one operating system. The Mac can even practice other operating systems such as Linux and Solaris ( Obviously, readers are asking themselves, “Why does the…

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