Computers And The Digital Age Essay

1575 Words Mar 8th, 2016 null Page
We are in the digital age and we need to find clever ways of learning, experiencing and

teaching related to technologic developments. From the printing press, we had not handled any

special revolution except computer and internet. These two revolutionary tools would have been

helping human history in every type of all fields, and of course in schools. The computer has

recently been in schools. Before using computers, there were some kinds of methodologies used

in classes. Nowadays computers are participating a role by using as Tutor, Tool, and Tutee.

Moreover, Robert Taylor explained computers as an instructor, worker as document

preparer& saver and teacher by being programmable.

I strongly think that Taylor’s framework still applies today and will be. According to his

view; innovations are occurring so fast and time couldn’t challenge with its grow. It has been

twenty- five years and now, computer like a coach, provides best learning environment by some

software like fast math, math worksheet generator, Songsmith, and Prezi. Using the computer as

a tool makes instructors better understandable if the program prepared sufficiently. The computer

as a tool meant to be used for programs, saving information, analyzing, wording and calculating.

Smartboards are also realizing the same duty like computers as atool. Saving time, money,

force, improving success percentage and learning capacity is starting here. For instance;

computer-aided simulations, word, excel,…

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