Computers After World War II Essay

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Early computing traces back its history to early civilizations, beginning with the Babylonians. From earlier times, human beings have device ways to help them perform basic calculations, which means the idea of computing is not a new concept. However, computers before World War II were very limited in what they could do, in fact many of the devices involved just basic calculations. It wasn’t until after World War II broke out, that researchers saw the need to expand their ideas, in order to contribute to war efforts. Competition for building bigger, better machines was at its highest as the revolution of the computer begun in the 1930’s. From this computer revolution, several machines or computers were developed that served as prototypes into the computers we use today. New ways of thinking, and being creative has led to changes over the years that have come to form what we now know as new technological computer advances.
Basic computer technology for electronic computers began in 1907, but it wasn’t until 1936 that the first electronic computer was built. Before 1936, the concept of computers involved a person doing manual calculations. The first computer to be built for the use of World War II was the Colossus, which was used by Britain for cryptanalysis and decryption of German wireless communication. (Wells, pg.1) This marked the beginning for computers to play a highly important role during war. After the Colossus, the ENIAC, EDVAC, and IAS followed in the United…

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