Essay on Computers : A Part Of Everyone 's Life

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I nternet services are a part of everyone’s life. The Internet provides us with access to information and services available online. We use application software to process information, operating system software to control the application software and manage your hardware and utility software, all to keep the operating system functional. The real brains of your computer is the central processing unit (CPU) and random access memory (RAM). CPU is the hardware that interprets and executes the system and application software.
A CPU may have more than one microprocessor; the more microprocessors a computer has, the faster the computer executes commands. With the amount of information that is now available to us via the internet, how quickly can our current computers process that information and will there be a time that current architecture be unable to process that information? Organizations that need to process large amounts of data quickly are building larger supercomputers. Kevin Maney wrote that “Computers can carry out those instructions in nanoseconds, but they still do it one step at a time…the only way to attack ever larger data problems…will be to build more computers and even bigger data centers.”

Technological advances have been made; but it has been found that even with the latest technology, more memory and faster processors, we are still unable to quickly process information at the rate it becomes available to us. Maney agrees that “The amount of data keeps…

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