Essay on Computerized Grading System

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Significance of the Study
This study aims to contribute to the following:
Administration. To provide a system which will help in processing the grade for an on time submission on reports needed and to help keep avoid unnecessary errors in the process of students grades.
Teachers. To provide a system that is easy management for them, less hassle, automatic computation of grades based on inputted requirement and to create a most secure grading system, in order to keep the student grades safe and secure.
Students. To give an on time progress assessment report of their grades especially for their lacking requirement.
Researchers. To help them design and better understanding of the new system of grades to the new curriculum in the academic
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It has an ability to save, record, and edit those data and important information of the students also it includes computation of class standing and periodical examinations.
Also this will provide security in which every faculty member has their unique security login. The study does not cover expert system, but are surely capable of providing information for grading system. The proposed system will also serves as an information system because all the information needed by the student about their grades can be access and view using this system.

Theoretical Background
A System approach is necessary to increase productivity and maintain consistency and quality since information is an important commodity for business and establishment, a computerized storage is very important within the organization. According to Caridad, Melody (Computerized Billing System for Jet Delivery Services), “In order for us to maintain consistency and quality, we must make use of the new technology that is not widely used by different countries, which is computer. As we see, information technology, the application of computer and related technologies have accompanied information age to generation and communication of information.” Larry and Nancy Long n the book entitled “Introduction to Computer and Information System”, stated that; “We talk to computer within a framework of a particular Programming Language. There are many programming language, most

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