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Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance SWOT
Lincoln Heritage is one of the largest final expense companies in the nation. They been organized in 1963(heritage, 2009), and have 664 million in assets and 4.2 billion of life insurance in force. So you can see that Lincoln heritage have no problem on paying there clams. Lincoln is also an Accredited BBB Business with an A.M. Best Rating of A- (Excellent). Lincoln heritage is true to the founding philosophy, they continue to have a reputation of have great customer service and satisfaction and a peace of mind. They had a vision to set a new bar for prompt, friendly and accurate service in the insurance industry. The following is the SWOT analysis included how in its marketing plan.
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Then the agent would not really know what to do and have a difficult first time working and that why majority of the agent that start off doesn’t last and that is bad for the company. If the company is struggling to have agent then the company will not grow, so a good way to make this Lincoln heritage better on hire people is having a good support team and training so that the new agent would want to stay and work. Another weakness that Lincoln heritage have and need to improve on is there leads system. There leads are so expensive and when you first start you have to pay them out your pocket and then you can finance them but when you get pay they take it out your pay check and most of your pay check is gone(Kentucky , 2012). One way to fix that is having cheaper leads to buy so the agent can start making money.
Lincoln heritage have great opportunities for example working there would be one because you can make a lot of money. Second they have great Competitive group benefits like health insurance and life insurance and have the best retirement plan. Also if you are working at Lincoln heritage for 5 to 10 years you can retire and you would be set for life. And when working at Lincoln they have the best Exotic incentive trips like Dominican Republic and more. Another opportunity that Lincoln heritage has to offer is that they are the only life insurance company that provides

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