Essay on Computer Technology

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Final Project: Expository Essay
Samantha A. Medina
University of Phoenix

Final Project: Expository Essay Computer technology has developed tremendously over the decades and centuries to become so modern in every aspect including education and personal leisure. It is breath taking to see how modernized out computer technology is today as opposed to the limited computer technology that was available in history. The changes that have occurred over history to today will be discussed and focused upon in this essay.
The Mechanical Era: Early Computing Devices
The Abacus The abacus was the first machine to be used computational science. It is considered to be the first computer. This machine was inspired by one of Charles Babbage’s
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Thomas was serving in the French as a military administrator when he thought of the idea for the arithmometer which he invented as stated previously. This machine was considered and early and large version of the modern day pocket calculator. Thomas won a silver medal at the French national exhibition for his invention. After Charles Xavier Thomas de Colmar’s death his son Thomas de Bojano continued modifying the arithmometer till his own death.
History of Computer Technology: Limited Function Early Computers
Automated Calculation The Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator (EDSAC) was an early British computer. EDSAC was the first practical stored-program electronic computer and first to run a graphical computer game. EDSAC ran its first programs on 6 May 1949, when it calculated a table of squares and a list of prime numbers. The computer’s memory consisted of 1024 locations, though only 512 locations were initially implemented. The initial orders were hard-wired on a set of uniselector switches and loaded into the low words of memory at startup (“Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator”, 2012).
Very few early computers had the capability within hardware and software to change. What this means is programmability and not many computers made in the 19th century had this

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