Computer Technology: Why Should We Use A Computer?

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Have you used a computer today? Well if you have, I bet you thought all the stuff you stored on it was safe. I am going to tell you why it is not. We should not rely on computers so heavily because people store too much personal information on their computers, terrible cyber security, and hackers are too advanced.
A computer is an electronic device for storing and processing data, typically in binary form, according to instructions given to it in a variable program. We use these electronic devices to research and do our daily jobs. These computers are hooked up to the internet that contains all of the computer’s answers. Internet is the global system of interconnected computer networks. Many people live their lives relying on these devices
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Computers are so much more advanced now than they were even five years ago. We rely on this technology to perform under very high circumstances. Most medical information is stored onto computers, which can be scary. It is scary because so many people can hack into our computer systems and change our information. Which could result into something very bad if we do not improve our computer security. Computer hacking is a big thing that needs to be stopped if we are going to rely on computers so heavily in the future. According to CNN, 47 percent of adults in the U.S. had their personal information exposed by hackers ("Half of American adults"). With everyone’s personal information and everything else stored on their computers, people must be careful. Computers are very helpful tools in our society today; they help us with everything from medical info to the stock market. If we use these computers safely they could help us obtain things we never thought possible, especially because our computer technology gets better every day. At the same time we must be careful with what personal information we put on our …show more content…
That is why I am going to tell you to keep your personal information off your computer. The type of information people store on computers varies from health care information to their bank account, which are all very important. According to over 100,000 people were surveyed, and 62 percent said they have a phobia of having their computer or smart phone hacked. That is why having all of your personal information on your computer is such a big deal. Many people say that these hackers will never get into their personal information so they are not worried, but they should be. In the last twelve months alone, hackers have exposed the personal information of over 110 million adults, which is roughly half of the nation’s adults. Still think that having your personal information on your computer is secure? This is why we should not rely on our computers to hold all of our valuable information. Computers are a valuable tool, but they are not a filing cabinet. The opposition is not just a couple people in the U.S. however, nearly every American that owns a computer has at least some personal information stored in their non-trusty computers. We need to realize we do not possess the technology to keep these hackers out of our beeswax. The only way to stop our information from being stolen is to remove it from your computer, because once it is in there it is gone in a blink of an

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