Computer Technology And Its Effects On Our Lives Essay

1039 Words Dec 8th, 2015 5 Pages
Nine out of ten adolescents have access to a computer and the internet. Our society uses this advanced technology and the internet to solve everyday issues and to make our tasks simpler or even to entertain us and young children. With such an extensive percent of American teenagers online, shouldn’t we take into consideration what possible negative outcomes and effects computers have produced for our everyday selves? Inevitably these new dependancies have affected not only our youth but people worldwide. Computer technology has created many disadvantages on our communication and connection, including our social skills and how we share our emotions. First of all, computer technology has become a leading cause toward our self isolation. For instance, teenagers have often become addicted to their everyday Smartphones and prefer them over other people. According to the Pew’s Internet Research Project, over 29% of Smartphone owners described their cell phones as ‘something they can’t imagine living without’. The majority of this portion falls to American adolescents who have willingly chosen technology over collaboration with people. Undoubtedly, this will cause conflicts for many people as most of this generation have never known a world without a Smartphone; and as this dependency on Smartphones and other forms of computer technology to communicate with others, to allay our tasks, and to entertain ourselves is slowly, but surely replacing face-to-face human…

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