Computer Systems : Computer System Essay

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Computer Systems Figure 1: JCC ICT, (2009), Computer Systems [ONLINE]. Available at: [Accessed 9 November 2016].

Figure 2:TLBHD, (2016), Micro Computers [ONLINE]. Available at: [Accessed 9 November 2016].
A microcomputer is a computing device that imitates a bigger desktop into a smaller and ultra slim unit with the purpose of having the same ability of a standard desktop (mini desktop) that can be portable and taken into different working environments. In addition, regular parts are scaled down to a slimline design that is shortened for the user and gives the ability to fit parts into a compact box. Furthermore, micro-computers are also known as ‘lite’ desktops as they are sold individually (one standalone device) with similar or competing components that necessitate a screen, mouse and keyboard amenity. Many people are unsatisfied with regular laptops, and would like a lightweight technology that resembles a desktop type quality for on the go computer accessibility, that can be inserted into any TV or computer screen. This technology is a recent emerge in the computing industry and is slowly gaining slow growth in the market for its endless capabilities and ability to transform into a fully working home PC for web usage from anywhere although the need for other peripherals sort of outweigh its potential.…

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