Third Computer System

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What size would you want the third computer system to be? (low range)
When building a computer system, the first step is choosing the case size of the computer system and this is exactly what we will do first. So, after discussing with the client the first question we asked was what case size the user would want. As this is the third and cheapest computer system we are designing, the client opted for a smaller size case. The user requested the height of the case to be anywhere between 5-12 inches and the width to be anywhere between 7 and 10 inches. Again, as this third computer system we are designing will be used as third prize the client requested this computer system have less card slots than the first and second computer system.
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This system as previously said will not be as powerful or perform as well as the other two computer systems, that means it will not need as much storage as the other two. When we ask the client how much storage would be needed the client stated that the user for this computer will just need to save pictures, perhaps music, videos, gaming application along with any extra items they feel necessary.

Power supply (based on what computer will be used for)
The final step is choosing the power supply; this is important as if you don’t have a power supply powerful enough for your system it could end up destroying or breaking. Graphics cards are one of the most power needed elements of a computer system. Since this computer system doesn’t have any graphics card slots it will not need a very powerful power supply. The power supply most also fit the case of the main computer system. For this reason, the client suggested getting a power supply with not a lot of power.

There are many things you can add on to a computer system for example DVD writer but for this computer system as it is third prize the client decided against adding any other items to the computer
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Depending on which CPU you have will determine how fast your system is and will determine how powerful your system is and how much you can do on that system. After consulting the client and asking question, the client stated they wanted a basic CPU that was not very powerful but that could run gaming application and still run decently fast. Due to the criteria set out by the client we have decide to use an Intel Core i3-6100. The reason for this being that the intel core 13-6100 is quite powerful and will be powerful enough to run most gaming application. At the same time, it is not the fastest or best cpu we could have chosen but it will meet the basic needs set out by the client. Along with its 2-core module it has an integrated HD graphics. We have chosen to use an Intel Core 13-6100 for the CPU; the cost of this CPU is £93. This CPU fits the client criteria and will be powerful enough for gaming

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