Essay on Computer System Analyst As A Career

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Computer System Analyst as a Career

“I love being the person that everyone goes to when they have a problem with their computer, knowing that I can fix it.” Bettina Bair. Bettina Bair is an average system analyst that enjoys her job. She even wrote an article called “Words from the Wise”. She talked about her everyday life working as a computer system analyst, about how she enjoys helping other with their computer problem and how she sometimes dislikes have to sit and write a new program for long hours at a time. She also wrote about encouraging others to take a look at this career if interested in computer systems or technology. Computer systems are fun and interesting. Learning about computer systems is like learning a new language, with a new language more and more want to understand it and to understand it you have to start from the beginning. The beginning of Computer Systems Analyst themselves have very little as computer system themselves are still very new, but the history would have to start with the development of computer systems themselves. According to Bryce, T. it all started back in the mid-1900’s with systems and procedures, this had mostly to deal with major business processes using “Work Measurement” and “Work Simplification”. These processes were mostly dealing with designing grid diagrams, flowcharts, and forms to record data, filing systems, summary reports.

Computer systems have been improving nonstop over the years, because of this computer…

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