Computer Services And Its Value Of Knowledge And Customer Service

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TLDR Computer Services

In the world of consumer electronics, large corporations like Best Buy and Walmart have placed the value of a sale over the value of knowledge and customer service. This has left an opening for business to not only survive, but flourish in the wake of these giants’ bottom line. TLDR Computer Services looks to provide a wide array of excellent electronic services including sales, repair, and data management, and do it with unsurpassed customer satisfaction. We can do this by employing the most knowledgeable and driven individuals that know what they are talking about when it comes to computers.
Consumer Services

TLDR is unique in that it will offer a wide array of consumer services including, but not limited to:

Computer repair
Desktop Maintenance
Data Refinement Services (speed boost and defrag)
OS upgrade and training
Custom computer construction and assembly (through website or in store)
Data backup services, both on drives and by cloud
Web hosting and design services
Custom parts and expert advice

These services TLDR offers are not something new or revolutionary, but the implementation is. Rather than focus solely on sales, TLDR will focus on customer and client satisfaction. However TLDR doesn’t just stop there, we go the extra mile.
The Brick and Mortar

In addition to the consumer services TLDR will offer, it will also maintain an open, brick and mortar, storefront that will help provide consumers with an enjoyable (and profitable) shopping…

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