Essay on Computer Science Is Becoming An World

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Computer science is becoming an increasingly essential field in today’s world. With an ever accelerating reliance on technology, there is a demand for people with expertise to do the things necessary to maintain and innovate on said technology. However, computer science has a bit of a problem in the United States and much of the western world, there is a seeming lack of women choosing CS as their major or pursing a career in CS. This is a very big problem, because more women in the field means more people in the field, which means more innovation. The reasons for this fact are numerous and convoluted, but the biggest recurring theme is the preconceptions about computer science that both men and women seem to share. What picture comes to mind when one thinks of a computer science major? Most likely a nerdy looking white male with thick glasses, right? As simple and silly as that stereotype is, it is a massive hurdle for computer science as a field. In a survey conducted by Lori Carter from Point Loma Nazarene University on 836 high school students (423 females and 363 males,) it was found that one of the top reasons that students chose CS as a major was their interest in computer games, which are predominately played by males (Carter, 2006). Many of these gamers are almost certainly going to be unaffected by the notion that CS majors are “nerds.” While this is unlikely to bother the men considering computer science, this is actually a much bigger deal for women considering…

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