Essay on Computer Science Is An Excellent Career Choice

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Computer science is an excellent career choice because it deals with one of the fastest growing fields, computers (Smith). This career is constantly evolving, which makes the workplace stimulating and challenging. Computer science is changing the world we inhabit by making many advancements in computing.
In the 1960s, computer science became an independent discipline; however, the study of the electronic computer was around prior to it (History). The development of Boolean algebra accelerated computer science. It allowed one to design a circuit with binary, or 1’s and 0’s (Computer Science). Computer scientists were then capable to instruct computers (Computer Science). The driving force behind computer science was the demand for computers and applications (Computer Science). Nonetheless, developing applications in binary, or machine code, was very troublesome (Computer Science). This problem led to the development of the first assembly language (Computer Science). The assembly language allowed for computer scientists to use mnemonics for instructions. They could use symbols, such as “X”, for variables (Computer Science). These applications were then translated by an assembler to binary that the computer can understand (Computer Science).
As the use of computers heightened in the 1960s, the development of operating systems began (Computer Science). The operating system is the software that automatically handles the execution of tasks (Computer Science). This took part of the…

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