Computer Programming : What Programming Would Be Like? Essay

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Juan Vasquez
Mrs. Galaviz
English 12
Computer Programming Has anyone seen what programming would be like? Computer programming may sound complicated, but once anyone gets used to it, it will be easy to understand. People, every day, use an electronic to get tasks done. Those electronics are told what to do when they input a problem/command. To receive a clarification of what Computer Programming is, it is necessary to experience it. It is key to have programmers in this world; programmers have to deal with the complicated parts of the computer. They should be credited for the work they promote on an everyday level. People depend on technology to live because they have learned to adapt to that which is illustrated in everyday lives, History, and soon to be the future. In 2500 B.C., The Abacus was the only mechanical device that existed for numerical computation at the beginning of human history; it was invented in Sumeria Circa around that time period (Wikipedia 1). This demonstrated how the first program to solve a problem was made, in this example: Numerical Computation was designed to find the answer to a math problem. The First computer program was written for the Analytical Engine by Mathematician Ada Lovelace to calculate a sequence of Bernoulli numbers (Wikipedia 3).
Eventually time passed and devices were made so programming could start to evolve. Computer languages were first composed of series of steps to wire a particular program: these morphed into a…

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