Computer Programming Essay

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In recent years, technology has become a necessity for most modern humans. Some

people cannot even go a day without using their phone or computer; however, very few take the

time to understand how the technology they use actually functions. Roxanne Emadi was quoted

by the New York Times when she said, “Kids these days are all stuck on their phones, their

tablets, and are constantly using technology, but few of them are learning how to create it”. (2)

It might be hard to believe, but programming is used in almost every occupation and device in

the world. Even farmers use programming in their jobs. Today 's farmers use tractors that

automate the harvesting process. This process functions by having a computer in the tractor that
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When choosing a computer programming language one has to consider the

devices the program will be used on. Some programming languages only work on specific

platforms. C++ is a general-purpose computer programming language created in the 1980s that

emphasizes lightweight abstractions and design, but can only work on Microsoft Windows

computers (Stroustrup V). Java and Python are very popular language that can be used in several

scenarios. Python is language that looks more like English and does not require very much skill

to begin learning (Baldwin 1). Python can run on almost any device. Similarly, Java is a very

powerful computer programming language but is somewhat complex and requires a strong

knowledge of programming in order to operate. It works on any device and is constantly being

updated. Code libraries are essentially files with prewritten code that make the programming

process much quicker. The more popular the programming language, the larger the library of

code will be. Although Python and Java can be used for almost anything, other languages
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Some people can even start their own company developing

applications. Application developers mainly make applications for the Apple App Store and

Google Play Store. Popular apps can sometimes make a developer millions of dollars.

Becoming an app developer does not cost as much money as you might think, and can be

done simply with a basic understanding of programming. To start developing applications for

Google or Apple, one has to acquire a developer’s account. A developer’s account can cost $99-

$25 depending on the company you want to develop apps for. The publisher of you app will also

take a small amount of your profits, typically 30% or less. Buying a developers account will also

get you a application to write your code on or Software Development Kit (SDK). Once you

publish your app, the likelihood of it being downloaded at least once is very high. Over two

billion apps are downloaded collectively each month on the App Store (Ester 92). Programmers

can easily become their own boss by developing their own applications.

New innovations in technology can be crafted to detect and stop diseases or even make a

self-driving car. Artificial Intelligence (AI) enables a computer to behave and

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