Essay about Computer Networks : A Network

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Computer networks
LAN – Is a Local Area Network which is a computer network that covers a small area which is sometimes a single room, an office building or a group of buildings. A local area network can be connected with others over a distance for example a telephone line, a radio or a mobile phone call, as a LAN is a network that covers the geographic distance that also involves internet links. A system of LANs that are all connected together is called a WAN, which is a wide area network.
WAN – is a Wide Area network, this is when a computer network that is connected in a large geographical area is known as a WAN, which is when two or more LANs are connected together. These are through public networks like a telephone system which can also be connected to satellites, the largest WAN is the internet. Businesses use WAN to transfer data among other clients, students as it allows businesses to carry out their daily functions without the disadvantage of the location.
Wireless – this is a term that describes telecommunications in where electromagnetic waves carry the signal through part or the entire communication path instead of a physical wired connection; they contain equipment such as NICs, Aps and routers that utilises the network. Therefore some alarm systems like intrusion alarms contain acoustic waves that frequencies above the range of human hearing which are called classified wireless.
Network topologies –…

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