Computer Network Resources : The Clark County Public Education Foundation

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Computer network resources, provided by the Clark County School District in partnership with the Clark County Public Education Foundation, allow to have communication with electronic communities around the world. So these computer network resources include InterAct™, Internet, e- mail, mainframe, and all other Internet service providers as America Online and CompuServe, when used in an educational site. The purpose of providing these technology services is to ease access to information and resources, promote educational excellence, and have good communication between schools and the community. The Internet is actually a network that connecting thousands of computers throughout the world. So, the Clark County School District filters many web sites to be good resources and appropriate for students because there are some unsafe websites that don’t serve the education.
The Clark County School District provide Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) so all staff, students, and members of the community using the District 's computer network resources are aware of their responsibilities. AUP has many terms and conditions that all members who use the district’s computer should have knowledge of them. All staff, students, and members of the community should have their own account and password to access to district network resources. Every year each students must have a signed Parent/Guardian Permission Agreement before access is granted to the District 's computer network resources. System…

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