Computer Invasion Of The Field Of Education Essay

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A computer invasion is taking place in the field of education. As the world becomes increasingly reliant on computer technology, it is logical for individuals to consider entering the field of computer technology, which includes myself. It is apparent that technology has advanced to the point if there is a question concerning any subject matter, a clarification can immediately be found by using a computer. Technology has grown so much in the past few years that the world has shrunk and the people living in progressive nations have become dependent on the computer for business, pleasure, and education. Computers also make it possible for me to take this course online. There is a definite growth concerning the dependency on computers in the field of education, online classes are increasing rapidly and are providing opportunities to thousands of individuals who were previously denied the chance of receiving a higher education. “The most influential tool in the classrooms of today is the Internet, districts, schools, and teachers that are not dealing with this reality are truly doing a huge disservice to their students. As we progress in this technologically charged world, we face a very important question: what is to become the role of the teachers? Will they become obsolete” (Loyola)? There is no denying that the computer has invaded the classroom and it is here to stay, but students will continue to receive assignments, do research, write papers, and take tests.…

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