Essay on Computer Input/ Output

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What is the meaning behind Computer Input / Output Architecture and Organization? Input is the entering of data into a computer system, whereas output is the transferring of data to an external item, such as printer. “The input /output modules are the third critical element of a computer system. The CPU and Memory are the first and second most critical elements.” (C.A.O).
“The computer system’s Input /Output architecture is its interface to the outside world. This architecture is designed to provide a systematic means of controlling interaction with the outside world and to provide the operating system with the information it needs to manage I/O activity effectively.” (C.O.A.L). There are three main techniques for I/O, which are
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so there needs to be other options if the inputs are limited. Some organization do not allow USB or other external items and will disable the inputs for security reasons. This is how it is at the Pentagon, for security reasons no outside inputs are allowed.
A system may have three to five USB ports, so having a mouse, keyboard, camera, scanner, and a printer will take all 5 USB ports and you still need to add a Common Access Card (CAC) reader. As an administrator you will need to have two CAC card readers one for regular profile and the second for administrator profile. Therefore your necessary USB number needed is up to seven. An organization will need to view a list of input devices and output devices or both for systems to use. Some examples of Input devices can be: Keyboard (Wired or wireless), mouse (wired or wireless), camera (webcam or digital camera), CAC readers, Barcode readers, Microphone (USB or microphone input), scanner, touchpad, trackball, joystick, or Electronic Whiteboard. Output devices: monitors, printers, plotters, projectors, speakers, etc. There are some device that can be both input and output such as: modems, network cards, touch screens, KVM, etc.
There are ways to consolidate input and output device by using hybrid like devices like a keyboard that has a mouse pad embedded below it like a laptop, a touchscreen can be utilized in replacement of a mouse, touchpad, trackball or joystick, furthermore, an

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