Computer Gaming And PC Gaming

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PC Gaming
Technological advancements in this day and age are endless. Constant upgrades are being made to all aspects of the video game world. Switching from console gaming to PC gaming is something that just keeps getting bigger by the day. The gaming industry constantly evolving has caused the technology of the film industry as well as the platform that games are being played to be propelled by gaming technology, this paper will examine, content distribution, how video games changed the film industry, and technological advancement. Now before we get into convergence, I will give an overview of the basics of the video game industry.
The first video game console was made in the early 1970s. There has been an endless amount of consoles made
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Film being around before video games, the gaming industry turned to film for inspiration. According to Lambie, “When creating what would become the seminal Space Invaders, designer Tomohiro Nishikado was inspired to switch tanks and planes for aliens after reading a magazine article about Star Wars” (The growing Influence of video games on movies). Gaming has film to thank for its early success and the amount of a following they received early on. According to Boxer, “Serkis says: There was probably a time when people in the games industry wanted to emulate films, but now it 's very much the other way around: the technology is driven by video games” (How video games are transforming the film industry). The level of influence that film had on gaming quickly switched when the advancement of gaming technology quickly surpassed the technology behind …show more content…
Between the major console companies Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, every eight years a new version of a console is released. That is a big gap of time to wait for a technological upgrade. Graphics cards, processors and computer other components that go into creating a gaming computer are noted for being released every 6 months to a year. PC gamers blame consoles for holding back the caliber of quality that developers of video games are making. According to Cobbett, “In a nutshell, the final game doesn 't look as good as players were expecting after early footage, and to add insult to injury, it 's because while the first two games were developed for the PC - the second one being a graphical showpiece - The Witcher 3 came to PC, PS4 and Xbox One simultaneously” (Consoles Held The Witcher 3 's Graphics Back, but PC Gaming Is Far from Cursed."). With a newly released game such as The Witcher 3, they needed to hold back the graphical capability on the PC so that it could be played on

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