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Capacity Building Series

Student Voices
Teacher: What happens in your mind when you read a chapter book? Student: I dream of something – like I’m flying or I can be a superhero. In my mind I can be anything I want from those books.
Conversation with Grade 2 student

Student Identity and Engagement in Elementary Schools
Developing awareness, understanding and respect for what matters to students has become critical in education today because “learning can no longer be understood as a one-way exchange where we teach, they learn.” Rather, “it is a reciprocal process that requires teachers to help students learn with understanding” (Willms, Friesen, & Milton, 2009). In the shift from a transmission to a
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Then I had a teacher who really liked me a lot and he told me that I was pretty good at math.” Conversation with Junior Student

May 2011
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The Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat

The Capacity Building Series is produced by The Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat to support leadership and instructional effectiveness in Ontario schools. The series is posted at:

Making student identity visible – and respected!
“Identity texts refer to artifacts that students produce. Students take ownership of these artifacts as a result of having invested their identities in them. These texts (written, spoken, visual, musical, or combinations in multimodal form) hold a mirror up to the student in which his or her identity is reflected back in a positive light.” (Cummins, 2006)

While the exclusion of identity and voice from classroom learning and school experiences can lead to student disengagement and behavioural issues (such as defiance, silence and poor attendance), paying attention to them can be transformative for students and teachers. A widening awareness of students’ capacities can lead to new excitement about teaching and enrich pedagogic practices (Rudduck & McIntyre, 2007).

Getting to Know Our Students
When teachers explore student identity in the spirit of

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