Computer Engineering And The Technological World Essay

1029 Words Sep 4th, 2015 5 Pages
Electrical and Computer Engineering has developed tremendously over the hundredth year. As the world continues to grow smarter from new inventions and expansions, the possibility of further refining the engineering curriculum was brought up. It is vital to take into consideration efficiency, effectiveness, and resourcefulness when it comes to learning, as well as teaching. Ambitious engineers will need to acquire key ideas, including social, cultural, and specialized concepts in order to be successful in their future career. Computer engineering specifically has definitely seen an enormous growth, as computer systems have become much smarter and more diverse. The older curriculum has been challenged to keep up with complex advancements in the technological world. Thus, learning to solve real-life problems has been a fundamental concept in the computer engineering world.
In terms of the computer engineering learning environment, it was very similar to other engineering disciplines. The traditional lectures, worked-out examples, and assigned homework material were prominent. However, improvements were suggested and meant to give students a chance to become more involved with their field of interest. Lectures should not only be taught, but rather include an aspect of active learning that grabs a student’s attention. Labs should not be a weekly routine, but rather a chance to apply the experiment to real-world situations. Computer engineering plays a very important role in the…

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