Computer Concepts Exercises Essay

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Chapter 1

010100 The Web is just another name for the Internet. (Answer: False)

010200 A computer’s operating system is a type of application software. (Answer: False)

010300 Microcontrollers are special purpose microprocessors that can be embedded in devices such as refrigerators, cars, and washing machines. (Answer: True)

010400 A bit is a binary digit, such as a 1 or 0. (Answer: True)

010500 ASCII, EBCDIC, and Unicode are used to represent character data. (Answer: True)

010600 A megabyte is 1024 bits. (Answer: False)

010700 Microprocessors are a type of integrated circuit. (Answer: True)

010800 C, COBOL, and Java are examples of programming languages. (Answer: True)

010900 A compiler converts source code to
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Adding RAM

(Answer: a)

022200 Some computers are suitable for e-mail, word processing, and similar low-key operations, whereas other computers have the power to keep up while you play complex action games, edit high-resolution videos, and prepare

multi-track sound recordings. Which of the following computers is the most


a. Intel Core 2 Quad processor; 4 GB RAM

b. AMD Phenom Quad core processor; 3 GB RAM

c. Intel Core 2 Quad processor; 2 GB RAM

d. Intel Atom processor; 4 GB RAM

(Answer: a)

022300 Storage devices have varying levels of versatility, durability,

speed, and capacity. For a student who owns a computer, but sometimes needs to

use computers in the school lab, which storage device is most versatile?

a. Hard disk drive

b. CD-R

c. Solid state drive

d. USB flash drive

(Answer: d)

022400 Computer owners usually want to add various peripheral devices to their

computers. Suppose you have a notebook computer and you want to add an

external hard drive, but you’ve run out of USB ports. What can you do?

a. Use the HDMI port instead.

b. Plug directly into the expansion bus.

c. Swap in a USB hub for one of the currently connected peripherals.

d. Use an Ethernet-to-USB converter.

(Answer: c)

022500 When you treat your computer carefully and perform basic maintenance, you can avoid

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