Computer Architecture And Its Weaknesses Essay

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Computer architecture is a victim to its own capacity, lending itself to a desire for a better, faster, and more optimized architecture. However, with this desire for a better architecture, there are threats inherent in the evolution. These threats steam from bugs in the architecture whether it due to oversight or malicious intent, compounding when external threats are exploiting architecture’s weaknesses. Computers have always been susceptible to security threats in history as well as present day. Security threats has caused computer architecture to change to insure the protection of instructions in memory, the restrictions on instruction execution, and memory management. Therefore, remedying for current and anticipating other security threats, evolution to computer architectures is a necessity.

With the threat of security over computer-architecture, there is a drive for a protection of memory instructions. The memory’s responsibility is to hold, interpret, and process instructions, the protection of instructions is vital at all levels. One method that used to protect a set of instructions is Read Only Memory (ROM), which is memory that is “not available for the end user for modifications” (Introduction to embedded systems 1E, p. 17). There are also some variants of ROM because of the read-only limitations and characteristics of ROM. Another type of memory is Random Access Memory (RAM), which is temporary memory can be read and written too. Any architecture that…

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