Essay about Compulsory National Service As A Service

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Compulsory national service could be described as a service that is mandatory, required and obligatory. It was used by Qin Empire of china in 221 B.C. and France in French revolution in s1790’s and it’s still used by North Korea today. Some people dislike having the idea of compulsory service and find it unnecessary because it violates free will, interferes with other forms of education and not everyone is fit for it, but the compulsory national service is needed in the ages 17-25 and not because everybody should serve their country. Compulsory national service gives a person a new approach about the topics like military and public service, day care worker, volunteering and Red Cross. It offers a person a new opportunities to learn new skills, gives a person a better understanding and knowledge about the topic.
Compulsory national service is for people from ages 17-25 would do and serve their country for two years. Jobs like volunteering, being a ranger, helping the food shelf and shelter staffing, doing a public or military service and the 6 week training does count towards the person’s two year time. Compulsory national service promotes equality among the countries citizens because the service is mandatory which means that everybody is going to take some part in a crisis. “No one would dispute the importance of national service in times of war. Conscription on a permanent basis would keep standing army ready and trained for time of emergency as well as catering for other’s…

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