Compulsive Gambling Essay

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Dr. Champion
May 7, 2007

"Just like a chemically addicted person, a compulsive gambler will do anything in order to get the money for a fix. To satisfy their habit, teens have been known to borrow tens of thousands of dollars from loan sharks, sell drugs, and even steal money from parents, boyfriends or girlfriends."(Howey : 1999)

At fourteen, an eighth-grader from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida became hooked on gambling. It all started with one bet on a jai alai match. Within a few years he was cutting class and spending 2500 dollars a week on jai alai. He even began stealing money from his parents and
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Furthermore, out of any addictive group gamblers have the highest suicide rate.(As more teens gamble : 2006) Teenagers with gambling problems seemed more likely to experience depression and engage more frequently in substance abuse such as alcohol and marijuana. Also, those same teenagers were participating in other risky behaviors such as unprotected sex.(Gambling problems found among drug using teens : 2001) Other studies that were done have concluded that children who begin gambling in middle school are more prone to seeking bigger thrills. They begin betting at higher stakes at earlier ages.(MacDonald : 2004) Compulsive gamblers can be hard to pick out because they are usually good students, very athletic, and very social. A typical compulsive teen gambler is also very intelligent and successful. They get bored very easy and tend to be perfectionists in every aspect of life.(Teen Gambling : 2006) A pattern among problem gamblers was that they were mostly outgoing males with good grades. They have extraordinary math skills and a need for competition. Furthermore, teenagers who prefer solitude rather then spending time with their family have higher tendencies to have problems with gambling. Males from homes with only a single parent have reported more gambling related problems.(With a point : 2004) Teens with gambling problems are very sophisticated.

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