Comprehensive Sex Education Should Be Legal Essay examples

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Sex is going to happen among public school students no matter what. According to “Teen Sexuality and Pregnancy,” 62 percent of high school seniors in the United States have had sex. The argument over whether to teach Abstinence-only or Comprehensive Sex education is ongoing and yet unnecessary. There is absolutely no possible way to insure that every single public school student refrains from having sex until marriage. Asking students to commit to remaining abstinent-only until marriage is unrealistic. It also adds additional pressure in an already stressful environment. Comprehensive Sex Education allows students to make educated decisions. Comprehensive Sex Education covers more information than its outdated rival; Abstinence-only Sex Education. Should public schools teach Abstinent-only? Comprehensive Sex Education should be the only sex education program taught in the public school system because; Comprehensive Sex Education is more informative, removing Abstinence-only programs from public schools will save money in government funding, and teaching Abstinence-only goes against the First Amendment. Comprehensive Sex Education is a scientifically based program that covers an array of topics. This program teaches students medically accurate information regarding; abstinence, contraceptives and condom use, human anatomy, sexual orientation, sexual transmitted infections including HIV, and unintended pregnancies. In the “Guttmacher Policy Review, Winter 2009,” according…

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