Components Of Situational Leadership

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First off, the situational approach focuses on what leaders do in different situations involving their followers. A major component of this approach is supportive and directive dimensions. These are the ways in which leaders act towards their followers. The leader determines how to act after evaluating the competence and commitment levels of the follower. This relates to another main component of this theory which is the different types of leadership styles that leaders can have. This includes high-directive-low supportive, which is a directing style, high-directive-high supportive which is a coaching style, high-supportive-low directive, which is a supporting style, and low-supportive-low directive, which is a delegating style. There are also …show more content…
This means that I am good at reading the different situations and knowing how followers should be treated. In regards to Path-goal leadership, I was pretty much even in the dimensions of participative, directive and achievement oriented as I got scores of 23, 22, and 24 respectively. The only score of the four that stood out was my score for supportive which was a 31. Path-goal and situational connect in this case because they both show that I am strong in working with people. This shows with having a high supportive score and getting all of the situations right. These results affect my own leadership as it shows me what my strengths and weaknesses are. I’m a supportive leader but I’m going to have to adapt eventually to a more direct …show more content…
I based it off of my relationship with my boss at my summer job. The score that I got on this questionnaire was a 21. Based off this score which falls in the moderate range, there are a few different correlations that I can make. One of these correlations is that I am in the acquaintance phase with my boss. I have worked there a couple summers now so it makes sense that I have been there long enough to not be in the stranger phase but not long enough to be in the partnership phase. The score that I got on this questionnaire does not relate that much to either my skills inventory or leadership behavior questionnaire. I say this because both my skills inventory and leadership behavior questionnaire gave me results that told me I am a very supportive leader and someone with high human skills. This is compared to LMX which only told me the relationship that I have with my boss is in a certain

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