Health And Exercise Analysis

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Our health has many different components; you could be excellent at getting adequate physical fitness and still be unhealthy because you choose to eat nothing but pizza. A few of these components of health include: exercise, consumption, sleep, and genetic factors/risky behaviors. Exercise helps you balance out your calorie intake, in addition the calories you already burn due to body processes. The problem starts where you don’t get enough exercise and choose to eat to the point of gluttony. For my project I choose to walk an extra hour, three days a week, for five weeks. I will admit, I am not the healthiest person so when I first started this additional exercise it was a pain. What made it easier was listening to audiobooks while I walked. …show more content…
I have missed the asthma train thus far, but the other two are affected by behavior. I used to really enjoy meat when I was younger, but after a brief stint as a vegetarian then vegan I eat significantly less meat. I only went back to eating meat because I have a large family and it was hard to buy special groceries for myself. By eating less meat, you will use less salt and lower your blood pressure as well as your unhealthy fat intake. I learned while genetics are given you can make different choices to affect your future. In the future I will go back to being a vegetarian as I felt better when I was one. Like I said you have control over your behaviors.
My risk behaviors include: frequent lack of exercise, consumption of junk food, and a brief stint with cigarettes. My exercise problem, I am working on fixing through the exercise section. Same goes for the junk food consumption, I am working on this through the food section. As for the cigarettes, I couldn’t think of another risk factor. I don’t participate in many risky behaviors, which is something I learned about myself. I have smoked less than five cigarettes in my entire life while they each had their reason I learned I don’t like them. In the future I won’t smoke

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