Components Of Food Packaging Materials Essay

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Some of the very first food packaging materials were animal skin, leaves, nuts or wood. Hunters and gatherers used every part of the animals that they killed and recycled the leftovers. As civilizations advanced, their methods of packaging did as well. Depending on where people lived, some people had woven sacks and baskets while others made clay pots and bowls. They were able to store food for later use during harsh conditions such as a drought or winter. Then commerce introduced new packaging materials from different places around the world, like blown glass from Syria, wooden barrels from the Celts, and paper from China. In the industrial revolution, products were made by machines instead of by hand. Because of the increase in production, there was a need for packaging methods. At first, food packaging was primarily made from paper based materials or glass jars and jugs. It wasn’t until the 1950’s when cellulose plastic was introduced that plastic packaging gradually became more common. There are many functions of food packaging such as protection, containment, marketing and convenience. In spite of the convenience, there are negative impacts of food packaging. Food packaging used to be biodegradable or reusable, but today, it just becomes waste. Although packaging plays an important role in preserving the food from contamination, there are externalities of packaged foods, like the impact it has on the environment and people.
Food packaging is an environmental concern…

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