Components Of A Functional Assessment And Goal Plans Essay

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Currently, staff members utilize the combination of a functional assessment and goal plans to assist a client with identifying strengths in their eight dimensions of wellness. As previously explained, the functional assessment is a 7-page self-rating/staff-rating document that addresses the following areas: independent living skills, communication/social skills, interpersonal skills, symptom assessment, and quality of life assessment. According to Swarbrick (2006), a wellness lifestyle entails a balance of healthy habits and supports that will in turn motivate an individual to be an active participant in their treatment plan. Therefore, staff utilizes this document to allow the individual to actively participate in evaluating their current outlook on their emotional and physical health along with assessing their strengths and weaknesses. Upon completion of the assessment, the individual along with staff’s assistance utilize the document to formulate goals.
As described by Swarbrick (2013), the wellness approach focuses on strengths although barriers and problems exist. Consequently, one of the major difficulties noted by staff is that a client tends to focus on the negative aspects (barriers and problems) of their wellness as opposed to building on their strengths. This need will be addressed by encouraging the clients to participate in a self-management program such as the Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP). The WRAP intervention focuses on an individual’s…

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