Complications Of Organizational Behavior

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Organizational Behavior

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Organizational Behavior
Explain the connection between organizational behavior and your selected job skills from the matrix.
Organizational Behavior (OB) refers to the application and the study of knowledge regarding how groups and individuals acts in organization It usually internets individual-organization relationship in terms of the whole group, organization, person and the social system. Its purpose is establishing enhanced relationships through attaining the human, social and organizational objectives. Problem-solving is my selected job skill and an important aspect in the workplace. Conflict affects a wide array of areas linked to the organizational behavior. Conflicts results as the difference in culture, communication, between individuals and diverse groups and with the management styles (Kinicki, 2015). Organizational behaviors utilize various methods to solve problems by understanding the problem, minimizing the negatives and encouraging healthy conflict that promote performance. By developing understanding and knowledge of the human behavior, enhanced collaborative relations are created and
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The behavior creates a wide array of problems linked to the workers and their productivity. The honest workers will find it hard when working in an unethical workplace with increased rates of absenteeism and high turnover rate and lack of productivities being the inevitable results (Kinicki, 2015). The unethical behavior has negative impacts on the morale of the employees. Unethical practices in the workplaces might have personal consequences. The employees might be laid off, and since some of the entail actions are illegal, one could be arrested. In the event that unethical behavior becomes public knowledge, the business might start to lose credibility and hence lose the important customer

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