Essay about Complicating Black And Brown Solidarity

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Irizarry, J.G, & Johnathan, Rosa (2015). Complicating Black and Brown Solidarity
The thesis in this particular article is “we pay particular attention to the fluidity that exists between these racial categories, complicating the ways the people of color are positioned and repositioned within the Black-white binary that often dictates racial politics in the United States (Irizarry & Rosa, 2015).” This article not only indicate the negative relationship between blacks and this countries legal system, but the authors also implements other minority groups such as Hispanics and Mexicans that essentially affected by policing and other social economic factors. The authors also mention the highly controversial court cases of Eric Gardner and Michael Brown that proved that the American legal system is not in favor of the black community. The authors also provide the reader with systematic analysis of the compartmentalization of people of color, which can be classified as “black/brown” or “blackness/browness” that have become associated with minority groups. These terms also consist of a systematic breakdown of other factors such as economic status, gender, marital status, etc. This article will be helpful in my research, because it will provide me with a reference point from both a black and brown perspectives. Compared to my other sources this source is very resourceful in the aspect of institutional oppression and movements, which is why it is very beneficial to my research.…

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